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Eclipseboro Branding Package

Eclipseboro Branding Package


Want to use our branding on your materials and merchandise? Go for it! Just purchase this package and you're automatically licensed to use our artwork. This Eclipseboro Branding Package includes our main and secondary logo, graphics, and Total Eclipse of the Heart slogan with design variations and color inversions. Zip file includes JPG and PNG formats for each design. 

  • License Agreement

    ***The Eclipseboro branding package is a valuable asset of our organization. We ask that you help us preserve and protect our branding through the appropriate use of the Eclipseboro name, logo, and graphics. By purchasing this product, the recipient acknowledges that:

    [1] the Eclipseboro name and logos remain the property of the City of Hillsboro, TX

    [2] the Eclipseboro Logo Package and its individual files are not to be shared. Only the purchaser of the package is licensed to use its contents.

    [3] licensing is only valid to Hillsboro residents, businesses, and civic groups. 

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